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Circumnavigation of Isle Royale by Kayak...

Completed August 2-12, 2009

11 day Unsupported Kayak expedition to photograph and video the Island and capture the many aspects of this Island both human and nature.

Click here for 25 page written Journal

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A documentary video and photographic journal will be coming soon.

If I met you on the island please e-mail me so we can exchange info and get photos. CONTACT ME

Would you like to contribute to the documentary??? If you have visited the Island on an inland hiking trip or a kayaking / canoeing trip and have photographs or video of Moose, wolves,or other Island items you would like to share, please contact me and we can discuss.

Map of the Route - Click to see a day by day travel account

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"All true wisdom is only to be learned far from the concrete cities of modern day man, out in the great solitude" A solo - unsupported Kayak trip to circumnavigate Isle Royale on Lake Superior.

Includes 22 mile open water crossing in 3-5 foot waves.



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Isle Royale Kayak Trip August 2009

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